Monthly Meeting, Monday, May 21, 7PM, Rutherford County Archive Building, 435 Rice Street

Bob Woods of ‘The Hamery’, located at 411 West Lytle Street will be our speaker Monday night.

From www.thehamery.com – “It was over 40 years ago when Col. Tom Givan and Dr. Sam Woods realized the need for good, old-fashioned cured country hams in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The two were reminiscing about coming home, getting into Mama Vic’s cabinet, and eating cold biscuits stuffed with Old Doc’s country ham. Col. Givan and Dr. Woods longed for someone in Murfreesboro to cure hams the way they did in the old days.

“Those store bought hams are being cured so fast that they don’t even have time for the squeal to leave,” they would say.  Col. Givan and Dr. Woods agreed that country hams needed the rich, tangy flavor they remembered so well from Old Doc’s country ham years ago.  The two friends knew that the only way for a ham to taste as superb as they remembered was to cure it themselves – just like Old Doc did. This marked the beginning of G&W Hamery’s operations.

About 10 years later, “The Hamery” was handed down to Bob Woods, Old Doc’s grandson, and he has been running it ever since.  Curing ham hasn’t changed much at G & W Hamery, and Old Doc’s 68 year old sugar curing recipe is still hanging on the wall.

Hey, I wonder if he will bring samples?

Rutherford County, Tennessee Pioneers

That’s right – Publication 52 “Rutherford County, Tennessee Pioneers born before 1800” Susan G. Daniel (2003) is now available as a searchable PDF file.

‘Pioneers’ contains information on more than 6,500 individuals. ‘Pioneers’ has been completely updated with new names and information!

Click here to download your copy of ‘Pioneers’

‘Coffee and Conversation’ each Saturday morning from 9AM-noon at the historic Ransom School House, 717 North Academy Street, Murfreesboro, TN

That’s right, each Saturday morning – unless otherwise noted – we enjoyed hosting ‘Coffee & Conversation’ at the Ransom School House, 717 North Academy Street, from 9AM-noon.

Please join us each Saturday morning from 9AM-noon at the Ransom School House, 717 North Academy Street for ‘Coffee & Conversation’.

Rutherford Reflections is out!

Yes, the fourth (and latest) installment of Greg Tucker’s exceedingly popular series relating to Rutherford County history is available at the Ransom School House Museum, 717 North Academy Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Come purchase you copy each Saturday morning between 9AM-noon (unless otherwise noted) for only $20.00 for members, $24.00 for non-members.

By the way, did you know membership in the RCHS is only $25 a year?  We’ll even include a copy of our popular ‘Pictures and the Stories they Tell’, a $45 value, as an added bonus.

I have a better idea: join the RCHS for $25, THEN purchase a copy of ‘Rutherford Reflections’ for only $45!!!(*) for both!  (Click here for details)

Our Rutherford County Archive

Please click on the above logo to visit the Rutherford County Archive site.

Please click on the above logo to visit the Rutherford County Archive site.

The Archives’ staff can assist you with researching county government records, genealogy requests, historical property information, class assignments, and so much more.

Information and/or requests concerning actual copies of court records may be obtained from the Rutherford County Archives, 435 Rice Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130, (615) 867-4609 or http://www.rutherfordcountytn.gov/archives/index.htm

Rutherford County Historical Society Officers:

President: Frank Caperton
Vice-President: Margie Weatherford
Secretary: Bonnie Black
Treasurer: Gwendolyn Hopkins Boyd
Program Chairmen: Dr. E. C. Tolbert
Editor: Susan G. Daniel
Web Master: Frank Caperton

Board Members:

James “Toby” Francis
Vicki Norton
Greg Tucker
Allen Gooch
Joyce Johnson

Rutherford County Historical Society Chairmanships

Museum Coordinator:  Gwen Boyd
Chairman of Committees:  Jeff Adcock
Landscape Chairman:  E.C. Tolbert
Publication Chairman:  Vicki Norton

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