RCHS Monthly meeting, Monday October 17, 7PM

Rutherford County Archive Building, 435 Rice Street, Murfreesboro

Our October meeting will feature Rutherford County’s



Are you interested in Genealogy?

Nashville, TN, Sat. September 17, 2016, 1:00 p.m. , Middle TN Genealogical Society Bi-Monthly Meeting.

Please visit www.MTGS.org for more information.

Please visit www.MTGS.org for more information.

LOCATION: Fifty Forward Knowles Center, Patricia Hart Building, 174 Rains Ave., Nashville, TN, (across from the State Fairgrounds)   SPEAKER: Trent Hanner, the senior reference librarian at the TN State Library and Archives. 

TOPIC: “Out-of-State Ancestor Might be Found at the Tennessee State Library and Archives!” Many genealogists may not realize that the Library and Archives also holds an abundance of material on other areas of the United States, especially the Southeastern states. From the many books in the open and closed stacks, to the subscription data bases, which can be difficult to navigate, Trent Hanner will take us on a virtual tour of resources that fall outside the borders of Tennessee. There is no charge for this meeting. Refreshments served. For more information: Go to: www.mtgs.org

RCHS Publications 1-39 are now available online!

The Rutherford County Historical Society put out publications of the county’s history from the first year the Society was formed.  During the first years two publications a year were produced and available to dues-paying members. The publications were about 80-100 pages in length. Later because of printing costs, there was just one publication per year; then every other year, until Publication 39.  Frow Chips as a 10-page newsletter/history periodical which began in 2003 replaced these publications. Publications 1-39 were to be mailed to members who had paid dues, which proved to be expensive and mailing was discontinued, and is why we still have some of them on hand in our storeroom at the Ransom School Museum. Some of Publications 1-39 are out of print, but we still have others which can be purchased for 50¢.  MTSU’s digital library has made all these publications available on-line at: http://digital.mtsu.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/rchshttp://digital.mtsu.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/rchs

Our Rutherford County Archive

Please click on the above logo to visit the Rutherford County Archive site.

Please click on the above logo to visit the Rutherford County Archive site.

The Archives’ staff can assist you with researching county government records, genealogy requests, historical property information, class assignments, and so much more.

Information and/or requests concerning actual copies of court records may be obtained from the Rutherford County Archives, 435 Rice Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130, (615) 867-4609 or http://www.rutherfordcountytn.gov/archives/index.htm

Rutherford County Historical Society Officers:

President: Joyce Johnson
Vice-President: Jeff Adcock
Secretary: Bonnie Black
Treasurer: Gwendolyn Hopkins Boyd
Program Chairmen: Dr. E. C. Tolbert and Bruce Johnson
Editor: Susan G. Daniel
Web Master: Frank Caperton

Board Members:

James “Toby” Francis
Vicki Norton
Greg Tucker
Lisa Ramsay
Nell Blankenship (Emeritus)
Ernest K. Johns (Emeritus)
Alice N. Ray (Emeritus)

Rutherford County Historical Society Chairmanships

Museum Coordinator:  Gwen Boyd
Chairman of Committees:  Jeff Adcock
Landscape Chairman:  E.C. Tolbert
Publication Chairman:  Vicki Norton

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